I need less Benedict Cumberbatch on my dash because it is giving me unrealistic expectations about my future.


When you’re trying to read old stories you wrote years ago and just cringing and thinking, “no please. Make it stop.” 

  • sister: *telling me about book idea where an all grown up child star flashbacks about how they got to where they are and destroyed their own life*
  • me: "That's really depressing."
  • sister: "Yeah. I know."
  • me: ...
  • me: *pretending to pull zipper on forehead* "Are you really John Green???"
  • sister: *pretends to run off* "Haha! Your sister is dead!"

um excuse me, rude person, but can you not see i’m busy trying to win an imaginary argument with a fictional character? yeah. thanks.


the other night i was trying to fall asleep when i suddenly heard very distinct sonic screwdriver noises, so i obviously booked it out of bed and followed the noise, and just i found my brother showing his newly downloaded doctor who app to my sister

to say i was a bit disappointed is an understatement


What I wish I had to tell people to stop doing

What I actually have to tell people


my dad has pulled his pants down to look saggy like a gangster and he is just walking around the house and giggling and my mom is yelling at him to pull his pants up 



My sister and I were thinking about starting an etsy store, but I was thinking of doing a bit of research first. I was curious as to a few aspects of how people shop:

  • What draws you to a particular etsy store?
  • Would you rather have more quality or a lower price?
  • What sorts of items would you be more interested in seeing? (Fan jewelry, knitting, etc.) 
  • Or, what items do you think there’s more than enough of?
"Seriously, no one? Come on, that was gold!"

— Every not popular person on tumblr not getting notes


Made a simple gif for my seeester…


*takes one step outside*

*instantly begins aggressively sweating*